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SSS series still coming along

2011-01-22 22:28:34 by wanton360

So, for those who thought that we stopped, it's still coming it's just taking a while due to delays, and having lives (surprising eh?).
This is Yuji's update video and it probably explains a bit more than me ;)

For those who haven't seen it, here's our youtube channel: ssswarriorcats channel ^_^

I posted episode 2, and I'll post episode three when it's done ;D should be great :D

Yeah, for some reason I can't access my inbox at the moment so sorry for those people who sent me something :( I'll try to fix it ASAP...

away, but who cares

2010-07-17 21:59:11 by wanton360

2 weeks ago and last week I was away, so I couldn't do anything computer related. Which probably doesn't matter because I probably wouldn't have done anything productive anyway.


2010-06-16 15:57:35 by wanton360

I have absolutely nothing to there.

I joined a good group!

2010-06-12 00:15:01 by wanton360

Good news! I just joined my favorite group of animators. They're really cool, they go to animation college and have taught me a lot and out of the thousands of people that ask to join on a daily bases, they asked me to join them! It's quite an honor to be with them, I posted some of there stuff if you've seen. I hope to see a lot come out of this, good luckz for meh ;D

my work space

2010-06-02 06:41:13 by wanton360

This is my workspace, not much to brag about. If the computer looks new, it's not. The program up is macromedia flash 8 and I'm proud of it :) a little bit of a mess and my crappy dell mouse just sits there, being all crappy and I rawr at it, RAWR

my work space

this is a random post

2010-06-02 06:11:21 by wanton360


Meh fat catz

2010-05-30 11:54:34 by wanton360

tis be meh fat kittehz, he'z like 40 pounds and his name is Squeak...cuz that's what he does ;D

Meh fat catz

another story, sci-fi

2010-05-24 16:34:55 by wanton360

Area 52

The year is 2185, the government has over stuffed Area 51 with all the alien crap that lands here and is blown up by the army. So they created Area 52 and one of their residents isn't happy with the room service and decides to leave. He hatches a a plan that seems simple enough enough to his alien mind, but seems completely and totally ludicrous to our normal reckoning. This evolves explosions, taking out multiple guards in hand to hand combat and weapons of human, alien, and other unexplainable technology. Can't wait, should be cool ;D


This is a news cast...right?

2010-05-23 20:30:36 by wanton360

I'm beginning my first real flash project, hopefully it's going to be cool, not kick ass but relatively simple, about cats :D

A simple house cat, named Soot, who has never traveled outside the home he had known his entire life suddenly finds himself on an epic rescue mission as his only friend, the neighboring house cat named Peach, wanders into the woods and is trapped by humans. He gets taken away to an animal-testing lab and Soot must track him down, break him free, and bring him home safely. His actions also uncover the secrets of the illegal animal testing facility on the outskirts of the city, which is then immediately shut down by humans :)